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Smart Hands-on
Smart Hands-on is a learning by doing platform that enables people to develop their talents with gamification mechanisms. Our innovative pedagogy is based on collective intelligence, practice and immersion. We create a process of consolidation through 3 leverages : Team training, short and fun learning and targetted, relevent and theorical documentation. Our Software as a Service platform is responsive design. It integrates a powerful calculation engine that designs market data, artificial intelligence and affinity targetting.
Making collective intelligence the core of the strategy
Cooperation has become a vital stake for companies. Working together is the key for performance and efficiency as it enables higher concern to essential business issues. Companies and employees need to adopt a more global ans holistic approach. Managers have to think about their job as a mission and overtake their job description in order to keep their energy and commitment at a level high enough to express their talent.
Renewing learning methods
Renewing learning methods
Paper documents, a slideshow and an allmighty trainer is usually the sleepy cocktail of coporate training. We deeply think that this way of learning is too theoretical to keep people on board. Therefore they are not relevant enough and ineffective. They do not enable people to share experience and activly learn. Unfortunaly, New technologies are also weakly used to enhance…the slideware!

Smart-Up Challenge offers you a large range of simulations, close to reality and adapted to your business model

  • Smart-Up Challenges are business environment simulations that enable groups of participants to create virtual companies and engage in a competitive market by defining their own strategy and implementation.
  • What will be your sales forecasts in each of your markets? Which channels of communication will you prefer? How will you innovate to differentiate yourself? What resources will you need? How will you satisfy your investors, customers and employees?
  • Smart-Up Challenge makes you the leaders of your Smart-Up!
Smart-Up Challenge - Fab Battle
Industrial strategy in the heat of competition
The simulation includes strategic parameters of an industrial business model. Factory building, equipment purchases, production costs, research investment and manufacturing process are among the specific factors that will bring you to a competitive market closed to business reality.
Smart-Up Challenge - Digital Conquest
Strategic and business issues in the digital transition
Digital technologies impose a specific economical model. Improve your software platform, size your resources according to the time-to-market objectives, strive for critical skills to differentiate from competitors, deliver projects of varying sizes and define your competitive edge.
Smart-Up Challenge - Services Race
Value creation for customer experience
Services are intangible by definition and require specific organisation to meet at best the customer needs. Coordinate an agency network, deal with the peculiarities of each market sector, train your employees to make the customer experience unique.
Smart-Up Challenge - Tailor made UX
Your simulation entirely customized
To go one step further in realism, Smart Hands-On incorporates specific data of your business environment, letting the simulation reflects at best your daily experience. Impress your teams and encourage their commitment.
Smart-Up Challenge Step by Step
Learn faster by doing
Take advantage of collective intelligence
Go beyound your limits and achieve excellence
Engage in an immersive experience
Improve free of stress and coercion
Develop your talents while having fun
Strengthen your skills for the long term
Smart Hands-On is proud to be a member of
  • Haroun Ghanem

    Business & Operations

    With over 10 years of experience in managing sales support and operation teams, Haroun has built his career around his vision of the customer experience and his new technology passion. His experiences in IT, business and telecommunications have allowed him to grow strong skills in transforming or redesigning organizations.

    Haroun has also driven the implementation of several information systems (CRM, OSS, HMI client / provider ...) that have deeply changed the processes and operational efficiency of his teams. Holding a Master of Commerce and International Affairs from Paris XII UPEC and an executive MBA at the Paris-Dauphine and ESG UQAM university, he directed sales and marketing study missions in the US , Canada, Brazil or Britain. Nourished by intellectual challenges and renewal, Haroun watchwords are performance and surpassing oneself.

  • Sonia Falourd

    Business & Finance

    Following an engineering curriculum proven by over 17 years in core research on climate science, Sonia supplemented her initial background by an Executive MBA from Paris-Dauphine University and ESG UQAM. She has completed many projects to understand the mechanisms that govern climate.

    Her work has been valued in scientific publications. Some of the work which it has modestly contributed were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 through the IPCC. Her expertise in engineering and knowledge of the institutional and academic area allowed her to specialize in research management. Since 2014, Sonia analyses financial data by managing the National Fund for Promotion of the National Research Agency as part of the Future Investments Programme decided by the state in 2010. Adventurous, curious and very (too) dynamic, Sonia is naturally interested in entrepreneurship.

  • Matthieu Valente

    Architecture & Development

    Computer and mathematics enthusiast, Matthieu began his career at Oracle France where he successfully completed weveral customer's IT projects. Promoted at Oracle EMEA, Matthieu was responsible for innovative sales solutions. He designed and created a sales prediction platform “Upsell Wheel”, leverage effect for opportunity generation.

    His market understanding and leadership helped his team create a CRM module available for worldwide sales. In 2005, Matthieu worked at Infflux to create an optimal warehouse storage algorithm. His interests along with his entrepreneurial spirit and the other founder meeting have made Smart Hands-on obvious. Matthieu is you main contact to discuss your technical specifications, adapting or enhancing the platform. ENSIMAG engineer, Matthieu also completed an executive MBA at Paris-Dauphine university and ESG UQAM.